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New Permit applications & fee schedules are now online.  Click the appropriate permit on the menu to the left. 

The Building Department issues permits for building construction, plumbing, heating, mechanical and electrical work. The fee for Building Permits is based on the value of the work. For example, a project with an estimated value of $1,000.00 will require a building permit fee of $75.00, which is the minimum fee.  Other trade permits are based on the type and quantity of work, not on the value of the work. There are many different contractors who regularly work in the City, and the estimated cost and value of each job varies with each contractor. Contact City Hall at 248-541-2901 for more information.



DO NOT allow your contractor to unload dirt, gravel, bricks or any other building material in the street, driveway apron or berme between the sidewalk and the curb. If material is deposited in the street, the police will contact the homeowner/contractor to immediately remove the material. If the material is not removed within two hours, the City may have the material removed by a private contractor at the homeowner's expense.

Building material, including dirt, gravel, bricks, etc., 



Code Enforcement Information


The City has retained a dedicated code enforcement officer for the first time in many years. In recent years, code enforcement has been reactive and complaint-driven in the City. The code enforcement officer is and will be doing proactive code enforcement in addition to responding to complaints. The code enforcement officer is identifying situations of non-compliance that exist throughout the City. The purpose of code enforcement is to ensure that properties in the City are maintained in a safe manner, and to ensure that all properties are maintained in a neat and orderly fashion.

The code enforcement officer is first focusing on life safety issues in the City. These primarily include porches and stairways that do not have the required handrails. Handrails are required on any porch and/or stairway that have four or more risers. The reason for this is to prevent injury or death from a fall. Once stairways exceed a certain height, this threat increases.


The City is aware that our historic character is important, and for that reason houses that have existing handrails will be allowed to keep them even if they do not meet current requirements for diameter or perimeter. The most important thing is that a handrail exists.


If you have received a notice from the code enforcement officer, please be aware that the sections referenced in his letter are to the Michigan Residential Building Code or the International Property Maintenance Code. Please note that the online codes that are linked above are the generic International Code Council codes which are the basis for the codes that the State of Michigan adopts. There may be small differences between the baseline ICC codes and the adopted Michigan codes. However, the linked online codes will generally be accurate for the purposes of finding out more information about the specific requirements of the Code.