The City of Pleasant Ridge is known for its historic homes, tree-lined streets and active citizens who dedicate their time for the betterment of the community. Our long tradition of community pride is reflected in our beautiful parks along Woodward Avenue and our pristine neighborhoods. Many of the houses in Pleasant Ridge are part of a nationally-recognized historic district, and all the homes reflect the care and attention, which assures that Pleasant Ridge will remain a beautiful community for generations to come. A strong sense of community, dedication to historic preservation and ideal location makes Pleasant Ridge the perfect city for all ages, interests and lifestyles.


Police Pension Millage Information

Pleasant Ridge is asking the voters to consider a 1.4 mill police pension millage. When fully phased in, the millage would cost the average homeowner $160 per year.

The purpose of the millage is to eliminate a $1.7 million unfunded liability in the police pension fund. The police pension is just 48% funded. This is causing the City to experience rapid increases in our yearly contribution requirement. City pension costs will more than double, from $200,000 in 2014 to over $425,000 annually by the early 2020's. This $225,000 increase is nearly equal to the total payroll cost for our patrol officers.

Approval of the millage would allow the City to pay off the unfunded liability over a period of 15 years. This, combined with the changes to pension plans made since 2011, will place the City on sound financial footing without the need for major service cuts.

Following are informational materials related to the police pension millage request:

Ballot Language

Millage Executive Summary

City Revenue Fact Sheet

Pension Fund Fact Sheet

Pension Fund Actuarial Valuation Study (MERS)

Unfunded Pension Liability Presentation

City Tax Revenue Presentation


Leaf Pickup Starts October 30

Leaf Collection Zone Map

The City uses a zone system for leaf pickup. There are 5 zones, and leaves will be collected from each zone at least 3 times. At the beginning of each week certain zones are scheduled for pickup. If all leaves are picked up from the scheduled zones before the end of the week, our contractor may move on to pick up leaves from other zones in the City. Don't worry that you will miss a leaf pickup if that happens - the contractors will be back the next week to pick up the scheduled zones.

This space will be updated to indicate which zone is currently being picked up. It is very likely that fall weather will intervene and require adjustments to the schedule at some point during leaf pickup. If that is the case, any updates or changes to the schedule will be posted here.

Zone 1: Maplefield, Oakdale, Woodside Park, Kenberton, Millington, Poplar Park 
Zone 2: Kensington, Devonshire, Wellesley, Amherst, Indiana (N of Amherst) 
Zone 3: Elm Park, Norwich, Oakland Park, Hanover 
Zone 4: Maywood, Sylvan, Fairwood, Woodward Heights, Bermuda, Indiana (S of Amherst) 
Zone 5: Oxford, Cambridge, Ridge
Week of October 30: Zones 1, 2 & 3 
Week of November 6: Zones 4 & 5 
Week of November 13: Zones 1, 2 & 3 
Week of November 20: Zones 4 & 5 
Week of November 27: Pickup for all zones

Meetings, Agendas & Public Hearings

2016 Consumers Annual Report on Water Quality

Meeting Agendas

City Commission, Second Tuesday of the month

Historical Commission,

 First Wednesday of the month


 Planning Commission/DDA,
4th Monday of Jan, April, July & Oct.
 Recreation Commission,
Last Wednesday of Jan, April, July & Oct



Information & News

Pay Parking Tickets Here

City Code of Ordinances 

Strategic Energy Plan Draft


Garbage/Recycling Pickup Information

2017 Holiday Collection Schedule


Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map

Exterior Design Standards

Utility Bill Fact Sheet

2017-2018 City Budget

Report Streetlight Outages Here

Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) Study

ERU Overview Presentation




Programs & Special Events

See the Energy output of the new solar panels

installed at the Community Center


Register online for recreation programs and classes



 Phone Numbers for City Offices

Police: 248-541-2900 (available 24/7 - press 1 for dispatch)

City Hall: 248-541-2901

Community Center: 248-541-2902